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How to Arrive (Transportation)

  • (1) Train - 137th Street Station: Travel south on Broadway and make a left onto 135th St. Proceed east on 135th St for two blocks until you reach the school at 135th Street and Convent Avenue.

  • (B/C) Train - 135th Street Station: Travel west up into St. Nicolas Park via the stairs to reach St. Nicolas Terrace and 135th St. Proceed west 1 block to school at 135th St and Convent Avenue.

  • ADA Accessibility is unavailable at the two above-mentioned stations. If arriving via subway for ADA, use the (A/B/C/D) train to arrive at 145th St, where there is elevator access. From the station, travel west one block to Convent Avenue, then turn left and proceed south to reach the school at 135th St and Convent Avenue.